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The village pet store and charcoal grill

Banksy, the internationally-known British street artist with a completely anonymous identity, literally set up a pet shop in New York in the fall of  2008.  Here’s the catch there were no animals in this pet shop, only animatronic animals executed in typical Banksy fashion.  This installation was loaded with social commentary and was executed exquisitely, too bad I never saw it in person, the videos and images do the work justice.

the village pet store and charcoal grill

APC is for ME

<<<APC new advertisements>>>>

At this point this APC advertisement may be old, but that doesn’t diminish how great it is.  This ad is kind of edgy for this somewhat reserved brand, another great piece of graphic design.

Hilda the hippo eats dwarf named Od

I know this is going to sound insane and completely irrelevant, but I just can’t get over this story.  In Bankok, a circus dwarf named Od was accidentally swallowed by a hippo named Hilda.  Hilda was waiting to appear in the next performance and was clearly bored by Od’s act, because she was mid-yawn when Od bounced sideways off of the trampoline and straight into her mouth.  The crowd started cheering, thinking it was part of the act.  Poor Od, this may have been his best performance, but sadly was his last.  R.I.P circus dwarf.


Strawberry Fields

Photo Credit: Amy Poncher

Photo Credit: Amy Poncher

Photo Credit: Amy Poncher


At a point in time, I had this idea, kind of like what Claire Mccardell did, but more extreme, I decided that accessories and garments should be attached. I mean how convenient, right? On a sunny day you just happen to have your hat attached to your dress, no big deal.